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Joan Seguí Mercadal wins the National Contest of Young Organists (Menorca al Día - 13/04/2016)

The musician of Menorcan descent Joan Seguí Mercadal (Barcelona, ​​1996) has just won the third edition of the National Competition of Young Organists 'Ioannes Baptista Cabanilles' of Algemesí (València), in a very disputed final that was held last weekend in the Basilica of Sant Jaume Apòstol of Algemesí.

Seguí Mercadal, son of parents from Ciutadella (Minorca) and who, since always, every year goes punctually to his appointment with Menorca at least twice a year (rehearsing assiduously with the organ of the Cathedral of the island, which he knows perfectly), won in the final.

In the final appointment, the four classified interpreted in front of the jury and the public the obligatory piece 'Xácara de primer tono', by Cabanilles (to whom the event is dedicated), as well as a piece of free choice , that in the case of Joan Seguí Mercadal was the A minor Concerto by Vivaldi transcribed for organ by JS Bach.


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