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El Primer Palau starts with personality (Barcelona Clàssica - 03/10/2018)

In the second part Joan Seguí Mercadal acted, with the Fantasie und Fuge über den Choral "Ad nos ad salutarem undam", S. 259, by Franz Liszt. His interpretation was one of extreme sensitivity. His youth beat the grandeur of the organ of the Palau, a very suitable instrument for the work, although, according to the interpreter himself, it is not so much for the room, because it lacks the point of reverberation that the churches have. The hours of study after midnight were worth it to ensure all keys, records, pedals and keyboards, which allowed him to play the work by heart. Seguí Mercadal decided to assist him in the change of registers so as not to sacrifice musicality, and it was a very successful option. It was a full, virtuous and extremely complicated Liszt that demanded a lot of concentration, technique and great talent. The organist seemed to go into ecstasy at a time when he did not have to change the keyboard and the full chords had to sound, with a straight back and a straight look, to the shield of the Orfeó Català. It was located with its back to the public, but the communication was completely fluid and the colossal Liszt completed with great skill and security.

Aina Vega

Joan Seguí Mercadal - Palau de la Música - Primer Palau
Joan Seguí Mercadal - Palau de la Música - Primer Palau


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